Swing Arm Vacuum Lifter

The Two Joint Swing Arm Vacuum Lifter enables users to repeatedly lift and accurately place a wide variety of loads including paper and plastic sacks, boxes, sheets of material, crates and cartons.

The bags or sacks can be split and opened without losing suction from the vacuum lifting head.

An electrically driven vacuum pump provides both lifting and suction functions and a wide range of quickly interchangeable vacuum heads is available.

The two-joint swing arm frame design is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and clean room environments. The vacuum is transferred internally inside the swing arm frame creating a simple and clean structure.

The more traditional rail system, where the vacuum tube hangs below the frame arm on a curtain rail system, can lead to dirt traps, producing a less hygienic construction.

In addition, the swing arm design, as opposed to the rail pull system, leads to faster and smoother picking and placing of products.

Two Joint Swing Arm Vacuum Lifting System – Specifications

  • Maximum Standard Safe Working Load = 100kg
  • Maximum Standard Arm Reach = 2500mm
  • Standard Lift Height from Floor Mounted = 1750mm
  • Standard Lift Height mounted on Counterbalance = 1930mm
  • Work Area = 360 degrees
  • Standard Total Height, Floor Mounted = 3100mm
  • Standard Total Height mounted on Counterbalance = 3280mm
  • Vacuum Pump = -0.45 bar 5.0 A, 3 x 400 V/50 Hz

The Two Joint Swing Arm consists of a column that can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, wall or counterbalance base plate with the two jointed arm mounted on top.

Mounting the arm on top of the column allows for 360 degrees of rotation. The Two Joint Arm contains the vacuum within the arm and column itself, therefore eliminating the need for flexi-hose to run underneath the arm. This is a more hygienic and robust solution that suits many industries.

The arms are manufactured as standard to give a 2.5mtr / 8 feet overall length, and with 360-degree rotation, provide a footprint of optimum working space of up to 5m / 16 feet in diameter.

The lifters can be supplied in mild and painted, or in stainless steel 304 or 316 as required depending on the environment’s needs.

The Two Joint Swing Arm vacuum head caters for a wide variety of suction heads to lift and lower goods and items that range from sacks, to cardboard boxes or tubes to blocks of rubber. All industries are covered with this versatile system.

The only power requirement is for an industrial electrical socket of 415v 3-phase as standard, but 240v and 110v single phase solutions are also available. The counterbalance base plate is designed to be lifted using a fork truck allowing the two joint swing arm lifter to be used in multiple locations across the site.

In addition, an optional adjustable mast geared mechanism features a handle to raise and lower the mast, suitable for use in restricted height areas, with an adjustment of up to 1 metre.

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