Handyman Vacuum Lifter

The Handyman Vacuum Lifter enables users to repeatedly lift and accurately place a wide variety of loads including plastics, metals, and sheets of material.

The Handyman Super and Combat is designed to be suspended from existing Overhead Crane Systems, Chain Hoists or similar.

Handyman Vacuum Lifters – Specifications

  • Battery powered vacuum pump, 12v
  • Vacuum tank
  • Pressure sensor for automatic start / stop
  • Vacuum meter
  • Acoustic alarm for low vacuum
  • Battery charger
  • Extension Handles available
  • Lifting Capacity up to 500 kg / 1100lbs

Handyman Super Vacuum Lifter

  • Lifting capacity: 160kg
  • Battery: 12v / 9Ah
  • Weight: 13kg

Handyman Combat Vacuum Lifter

  • Lifting capacity: 500kg
  • Battery: 12v / 26Ah
  • Weight: 29kg

The Handyman, handling up to 160kg / 352lbs, and the Combat vacuum lifter, handling up to 500kg / 1100lbs, are practical and mobile vacuum lifting solutions for a wide range of industrial needs.

Usually hung from a chain hoist, these battery powered lifting solutions are simple to operate, handling a range of items such as sheet material or stone slabs to name but a few.

Both designs come with a battery charger for overnight charging as well as both acoustic and visual alarms allowing the operator to identify that the correct vacuum seal has been created.

There are a wide range of vacuum pads available that simply screw on to the bottom of the vacuum tank allowing for multi-functional use.

Example pads are:

  • Round 300mm / 12inches diameter with a 155kg / 341lbs capacity
  • Rectangular 200mm x 300mm / 8 inches x 12 inches with a 110kg / 242lbs capacity
  • Narrow rectangular 80mm x 800mm / 3 inches x 31.5 inches with a 100kg / 220lbs capacity
  • With many more available

Single and double extension handles are also available to eliminate the need for the operator to reach too far.

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