Tiller Automatic Hand Truck

Frequently lifting weights up to 23 kilograms also leads to back complaints, accidents, sick leave and work loss. The Tiller® offers the solution to these problems.

Versatile lifting tool

The Tiller® is a worldwide patented mobile lifting tool. The Tiller® lifts a maximum of 75 kilograms to a height of 1.10 meters. The Tiller® can be used in many situations, in small spaces and is easy to take along in a van.

Heightened productivity

Forty percent of all employees run risks by lifting. The Tiller® improves safety on the work floor, decreases work loss and provides for happier employees who are still physically fit at an advanced age. As such, the Tiller® heightens productivity. A company working with the Tiller® satisfies the Health & Safety regulations for physical stress.

Technical Specifications


  • Version: Standard
  • Type:  Original 09


  • Maximum lift capacity: 75 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 110 cm
  • Initial height:  4 mm
  • Lifting speed:  100 mm/s (with or without load)


  • Overall height:  1.55m
  • Overall width:  0.52m
  • Overall depth:  0.63m
  • Weight:   42 kg
  • Pneumatic tyre:  4.10/3.50 ­ 4
  • Diameter tyre:  280 mm
  • Tyre width:  80 mm

Standard Load Platform

  • Depth:   0.35 m
  • Width:   0.30 m
  • Height:   0.50 m
  • Thickness load platform: 4 mm

Electric Specifications

  • Built-in accupack: NiMh
  • Voltage:  24V
  • Current:  9A
  • Use:   up to 500 cycles
  • Charger:  0.9A
  • Charging time:  10 hours approx.
  • After full charge: trickle charge
  • Actuator:  2 pieces 24V

Where can I use the Tiller®?

Use the Tiller® in:

  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Copy shops & Printers
  • Courier services
  • Glaseries
  • Household appliances
  • Light and Sound
  • Mail rooms
  • Office appliances
  • Public Works
  • Supermarkets
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Workshops
  • All companies who care about Health & Safety

What are the advantages of the Tiller®?

The plus−points of the Tiller® are:

  • Lifting and moving with one compact device
  • As maneuverable as a hand truck
  • Ultra light steering; easy to balance
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Lifts itself into the van and onto platforms
  • Prevents work loss
  • Prevents Health & Safety fines for physical stress
  • No tail lift required
  • Exchangeable loadplatforms and no hassle of thresholds

Does lifting with the Tiller® take more time?

Lifting with the Tiller® may appear to take more time than simple manual lifting (or instant physical peak load and wearing out one’s back in the long-term). However, lifting with the Tiller® saves time in the end:

  • One person moves loads that would normally take two or more workers.
  • No more planning or waiting to move goods.
  • Workers do not get tired from lifting.
  • Less breakages and personal accidents.

How much does the Tiller® cost?

A better question would be: How much does the Tiller® save?
With the Tiller® one person can easily do the lifting work of two workers. The Tiller® prevents back problems, industrial accidents and work loss. In case a worker would be non−productive due to lifting injuries for just two weeks, the Tiller® would have earned its price. The Tiller® is your tireless, cheapest worker.

Can the Tiller® be made−to−measure?

The Tiller® has industry specials available for the glass trade, catering and household appliances. Made−to−measure boards can be supplied for lifting vats, chairs, displays/mini pallets and other specific objects. A battery charger for use on a van or truck is available.

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