Bespoke Lifting and Handling Applications


The Rotating Twin Spindle is a product new to Packline which invites a new approach to reel lifting.

With efficiency being at the forefront of so many customers needs, this attachment allows the operator to handle 2 reels together, halving the time required to transport the reels, and so doubling efficiency.

Rotating Twin Spindle Attachment

Sack Lifting and Handling Attachment 
The Clamp Attachment with one fixed arm and a hinged arm is powered with an actuator to clamp bags or sacks of powdered material.  The sacks are rotated and opened to allow the powdered contents to pour into a hopper.


Sack Handling

This new concept from Packline overcomes the difficulty of telescoping reels.  If reels are not wound tightly enough it can be impossible to lift them via the core.  This new and innovative way of clamping the external diameter of the reel whilst still handling via the core eliminates this problem. 

Clamping Vertical Spindle for Reel Lifting

Shear Mixer Head Attachment Lifting Solution

One of the leading manufacturers of High Shear Mixer Heads approached Packline to assist in developing a lifting device that they could offer their customers as a safe and reliable means to handle their range of Mixer Heads.


Stainless Steel Lifter - Mixer Head

Fully Mechanical Reel Handling:
Vertical Spindle Attachment Geared Rotation and Mechanical Ejection

The fully mechanical Vertical Spindle from Packline is now available. All manual handling has been eliminated with the fully mechanical Vertical spindle.

Vertical Spindle Reel Lifter

This New Clamp from Packline offers Forward Tipping Geared Rotation.  Unlike the manual forward tipping option this design provides the operator with full control when tipping the barrel forwards.

Forward Tipping Drum Clamp (3)


The Packline lifting frame is designed to handle reels of film and material. It is designed so that the frame is opened and the reel is rolled on to the platform.

reel lifter middle with reel half open


To meet the customers request for a reel handling attachment with powered clamping the company adapted its standard clamp attachment by incorporating motor driven gearbox


Powered Clamp Attachment

This Clamp from Packline offers Heavy Duty Forward Tipping Geared Rotation.  Unlike the manual forward tipping option this design provides the operator with full control when tipping the barrel forwards.  The interlocking worm and wheel gearbox will hold the load at any given angle allowing for pouring of liquids for example.



The Compac Lifter designed with twin columns to lift sacks of ingredients weighing up to 100kg to a height of 4 metres.

Dual Column Compac
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