Attachments – Vertical Spindle

The Vertical Spindle Attachment has been designed to lift and rotate reels, such as rolls of packaging film by gripping the reel’s or roll’s core.

Models include:-

  • Manual Rotation
  • Geared Rotation

The Vertical Spindle Attachment is available in a range of sizes as standard and is suitable for most core diameters and reel widths.

Constructed from a combination of Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium the Clamp Attachment is suitable for use in the Medical, Dairy, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries.

Typical applications include the lifting reels or rolls of packaging film from pallets, transporting and positioning on machinery spindles or work stations

The Vertical Spindle can be adapted to grip and rotate a variety of loads of varying diameters, widths and core sizes.

A full Bespoke Design Service is available. Please contact us with your specific application and we will offer a Handling Solution.

Vertical Spindle Attachment – Variations

Due to the Certical Spindle Attachments flexible design the range of attachments can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit the different applications found in to-days modern manufacturing enviroments

Following is an example of some of the variations produced:-

Vertical Spindle Attachment

Mechanical Rotation

The Vertical Spindle can be supplied with a hand operated mechanical gearbox to provide effortless and controlled rotation


Vertical Spindle Attachment

Extended Spindle

Manufactured with an extended core spindle to cater for wide reels


Vertical Spindle Attachment

Extended Location Block

The attachments maximum lift height can be increased with the addition of an extended spindle location block


Vertical Spindle Attachment

All Stainless Body

The Vertical Spindle can be produced with all the metal parts in Stainless Steel type 303 or 316


Vertical Spindle Attachment

Extended Back Plate

The addition of an extended back plate allows the Vertical Spindle to cater for larger reel diameters or applications when a greater reach is required


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