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Lifting and Rotating Rolls
The Vertical Spindle Attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of reels of film, foil, paper and various other packaging materials which can weigh up to 100kgs.

The Vertical Spindle is fully motorised.  This feature provides powered drives for both the reel gripping and release as well as the reel rotation to and from the vertical to horizontal orientations.

Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients
The Mixing Bowl Lifting Attachment has been designed to suit the ‘Hobart 140 quart mixing bowl’.
The attachment is designed to safely lift and lower the mixing bowl.
Easy and controlled emptying of the ingredients is enabled by the motorised forward tipping action.

Reel Clamp Lifter Attachment (3)The new reel clamp attachment has been designed to provide greater load capacity, strength, durability and improved ease of use.
The new design provides better wear resistance. There is less friction making the clamp attachment easier to operate; and providing a better grip on the reel.
The new design also provides precise control of the motor and hence the position of the clamp in rotation.

Forklift mounted Lifting Clamp (3)This bespoke lifting clamp attachment was designed to handle bobbins or rolls of cable.
The customer, from the oil industry, required a fully powered, clamping and rotating attachment to transport the cable onto and from the production carousel.
The bobbins hold up to 200kg of cable that the production line unravels on the carousel.

Dual Column Lifter with Platform Attachment

Packline’s standard ‘Compac’ Lifter is limited to lift to 2.5m as standard for safety and practicality reasons. However, in this instance, a platform attachment was needed to reach higher than 2.5m.

To achieve this requirement, a dual column has been fitted to the ‘Compac’ lifter in order to reach a height of up to 2.8m from the platform attachment.

Clamp Lifting Attachment with padsThe new clamp with tapered pads has been designed to lift specifically machined parts from singular billets of material.

The pads have been modelled and then manufactured to fit to the exact diameters and shape of the part being lifted, making this clamp a bespoke piece of lifting equipment.
Geared rotation allows the load to be rotated a full 360 degrees if required.

Stainless Steel LogiTilt

This design focusses on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the operator.

The stainless ‘Logi-Tilt’ LT-TE can tilt boxes and crates up to 90 degrees, meaning that it is not necessary for the operator to bend down or stretch up to reach components in the crate or box being handled. This applies to both standing and sitting work positions.

Extended Reel HandlingNew to Packline is the reel lifting equipment with extended vertical spindle attachments, available in widths of 3” or 6”.
The extended 3” or 6” spindle attachments allow much longer reels to be lifted.
The rollers on the attachment mean that the transition from the spindle attachment to the processing line mandrel is much easier and smoother.
The additional length of the attachment ensures that the load centre of the reel is still on the length of the spindle.

Drum Lifter with upright castorsThis barrel or drum handling equipment was needed in an environment where once loaded, the lifter needed to be pushed up a slight incline and onto a flat surface. For this reason, the front castors are mounted facing downwards and extensions added to the rear castors.

This enabled the drum lifter to ‘rock over’ the incline and onto the flat surface.

Lifting Long Rolls - Cradle AttachmentThe extra wide cradle attachment is designed to lift very long reels already mounted onto a mandrel.
The stainless steel assembly means that the attachment is strong enough to lift a load up to 90 kg. The reel is lifted with the mandrel already inserted, meaning that it is necessary for the attachment cradle arms to straddle the reel itself.

Clamp Attachment - Handling Large RollsThis clamp attachment for handling large rolls has been designed with the ability to shift the entire clamp sideways, left or right as required, and by a specified distance.

The arms of the clamp were offset from the centre of the clamp so that they could fit into a press booth. Once on place, the clamp arms were used to clamp a shaft and remove it from the press.

Platform Lifting AttachmentThe platform attachment has been designed with functionality and weight saving in mind. It is being used to lift trays of meat, and onto a trolley. The trolley is then pushed into an oven for cooking.

Made from one single sheet of Stainless Steel 304, the platform attachment is incredibly strong and capable of lifting large loads with ease.

Cradle Lifting AttachmentThe cradle lifting attachment with bespoke designed welded arms is designed to lift specifically sized tools or die blocks.

Constructed from stainless steel welded assembly, the lifting attachment can lift loads to 150kg.

The tool being handled has precise sections from which it was to be lifted, hence the cut outs in the Cradle were added.

Roll Lifting and Rotating The Tray Attachment with Core Gripper Attachment has been designed to allow the operator to lift a reel from the vertical position, rotate to the horizontal position, followed by rotation of the reel via a rotating tray.

The lifting attachment uses a frame of box section stainless steel for structural stability, and an actuator to grip the core of the reel, with a detachable pin, which is mounted to the side of the lifter.

V Tray Lifting AttachmentThe fixed V-Tray attachment has been designed specifically to lift very long rolls of material, which are often too long to be handled using the core.

Constructed from stainless steel, the tray attachment is strong enough to lift weights of up to 65kg and a roll as long as 2700mm.


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