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Shear Mixer Lifting

The Shear Mixer Attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and tilting of a Shear Mixer to and from various mixing bowls and containers.

The Shear Mixer is secured to the Packline ‘Compac’ Lifting Machine where it can be safely lowered and raised.  A tilt feature is also provided and is operated by a handwheel.

Roll Handling - adjustable (2)

The clamp attachment, with removable inner rollers, has been designed to provide optimum flexibility with the lifting and rotation of rolls of film, foil, paper and various packaging materials.  This lifter can handle rolls which have diameters ranging from 100mm to 700mm and weighing up to a maximum of 150kg.

Reel Dolly with Stops (3)

The Reel Dolly, with ‘stops’, has been designed and manufactured to provide the safe and easy transportation of heavy rolls of film, foil, paper and various packaging materials.

This Reel Dolly is mounted on castors which enables the operator to swiftly move reels or rolls between various locations.The four, quick action, foot stops provide a stable platform whilst it is being loaded or unloaded.

Lifter - Hospital bed

With the specially developed ‘Logi-Tilt’, it is possible to lift and tilt hospital beds ergonomically and safely.
Tilting the hospital beds enables easy access to the underside of the beds including the frame and electric motor. This is ideal for maintenance or cleaning. Also, the wheels of the bed can easily be exchanged and maintained.

Drum Turner in stainless steel (4)

This Drum Cradle Attachment has been designed and produced to meet with a pharmaceutical customer’s requirement of lifting, transporting, loading and tilting drums to provide controlled emptying.
The unique design supports the drum by using an over centre latch clamp to secure and hold the drum centrally between the ribs.
The unit has powered rotation which is controlled from a pendant controller, ensuring a safe and efficient solution which provides a secure, simple and controlled operation.

Die Lifting and Turning

The die lifting and turning attachment can lift multiple size lid moulding die blocks to and from the storage trolley to the pie making machine.

The Die Blocks can rotate through 360 degrees, load and unload at a wide range of heights and they are secured in supporting arms by a pair of latch pins.  These features provide swift and easy docking with safe and reliable transportation and loading/unloading.

Clamp Cradle Attachment for Lifting ReelsThis Clamp Cradle Attachment has been designed and produced to meet with a customer’s requirement of lifting, transporting and loading various sizes of reels of paper and film to a range of different packaging machines.

The unique design supports the reels by using a Lifting Shaft which is positioned through the central core of the reel.  The shaft is retained at each end by a pair of securing latches.  This ensures a safe and efficient solution which provides simple and controlled operation.

Lifting and Rotating Wheel Assemblies

This attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of wheel assemblies and the individual components for both the ease of assembly and for maintenance in a safe and controlled manner.
The unit shown is for three component train wheels and is supplied complete with the assembly support stand.

Barrel and Keg Lifting

The barrel lifting attachment has been designed to provide the safe and easy lifting and controlled movement of barrels. This handling solution is designed to lift kegs of beer in the horizontal from the floor or a pallet up to and onto a storage frame.

The barrel is securely retained by a lug and cantilever arrangement which locates into the rim and supports the end of the barrel.  This feature provides a swift and easy docking that provides safe, reliable transportation. This design allows kegs with a central tap hole to be lifted.

Rotate and Lock Reels of Film (2)

Vertical Spindle Attachment with Indexing to Rotate and Lock Reels:

The Vertical Spindle attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of reels of film, foil, paper and various packaging materials.

The reels are securely gripped by their core. This mechanism has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamp does not over or under tighten the reel.

Lifting and Rotating Rolls
The Vertical Spindle Attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of reels of film, foil, paper and various other packaging materials which can weigh up to 100kgs.

The Vertical Spindle is fully motorised.  This feature provides powered drives for both the reel gripping and release as well as the reel rotation to and from the vertical to horizontal orientations.

Lifting and Handling Food Ingredients
The Mixing Bowl Lifting Attachment has been designed to suit the ‘Hobart 140 quart mixing bowl’.
The attachment is designed to safely lift and lower the mixing bowl.
Easy and controlled emptying of the ingredients is enabled by the motorised forward tipping action.

Reel Clamp Lifter Attachment (3)The new reel clamp attachment has been designed to provide greater load capacity, strength, durability and improved ease of use.
The new design provides better wear resistance. There is less friction making the clamp attachment easier to operate; and providing a better grip on the reel.
The new design also provides precise control of the motor and hence the position of the clamp in rotation.

Forklift mounted Lifting Clamp (3)This bespoke lifting clamp attachment was designed to handle bobbins or rolls of cable.
The customer, from the oil industry, required a fully powered, clamping and rotating attachment to transport the cable onto and from the production carousel.
The bobbins hold up to 200kg of cable that the production line unravels on the carousel.

Dual Column Lifter with Platform Attachment

Packline’s standard ‘Compac’ Lifter is limited to lift to 2.5m as standard for safety and practicality reasons. However, in this instance, a platform attachment was needed to reach higher than 2.5m.

To achieve this requirement, a dual column has been fitted to the ‘Compac’ lifter in order to reach a height of up to 2.8m from the platform attachment.


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