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Clamp Attachment with Rollers

This clamp attachment, suitable for attachment to Logitrans Lifters, is designed to handle rolls or drums with a range of dimensions.

The Clamp attachment has been designed to provide optimum flexibility with the lifting and rotation of a wide range of items.  For example, the machine can handle rolls which have diameters ranging from 100mm to 375mm and drums from 375mm to 600mm diameter whilst weighing up to a maximum of 300kg (661.38lbs).

Telescopic Lifting Boom

The Telescopic Lifting Boom attachment has been designed to provide optimum flexibility with the lifting of a wide range of items, with a lifting capacity of up to 60kg (132lbs).

The telescopic action of the boom has three positions which are selected by using an index plunger (turn and lock location plunger), which provides a swift, simple and secure action.

The boom attachment manually slides into one of the three available positions using precision linear bearings for a smooth action and operation.

Stainless Drum Lifting Clamp

The Drum Clamp Attachment has been specifically designed to handle drums and similar vessels by providing powered vertical lifting and lowering only (i.e. no rotation of the drum).

Constructed mainly from stainless steel 316, this drum lifting solution is suitable for high care production areas found in pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical mixing environments.
An additional powered drive provides the grip and release action.

hedgehog reel dolly

The ‘Hedgehog’ Reel Dolly is a storage and transfer accessory, suitable for any production floor.

This reel dolly was originally designed as a handling solution for the medical industry to transport reels of material from a warehouse facility to a clean room.

Brakes and swivel castors provide full manoeuvrability in tight spaces.  When the brakes are applied the Dolly can be used as a storage facility until such time that the reels are required

Reel Handling with Transfer Stand

This attachment provides the easy handling of large and heavy reels of film or paper, for example, to and from a storage and production machinery.

The Logitrans Lifter can be supplied with a Reel Transfer Stand for interim reel storage and handling.  The stand is supplied with four braked, swivel castors.  When these are locked the stand becomes a static platform from which it can be used to support the reel whilst it is being unwound.

Low Profile Reel Clamp Atachment

This clamp attachment is used in the factory, warehouse and production environments to lift reels of paper and film, etc.
The clamp is fitted with low profile pads which enable the handling of reels when lifting and positioning nearer to the floor and where there is limited space to load reels onto the processing line.

Logitilt Box and Stillage Lifter

The ‘Logi-Tilt’ Box and Stillage Lifter has been designed to provide the safe, easy lifting and tilting of large boxes and stillages with great manoeuvrability, strength and durability.
The operator can lift, transport, and tilt up to 25 degrees, large containers with complete confidence and safety.
A feature of this lifter is that suitable boxes can be tilted by using the hand crank with no tooling required. This feature benefits the operator by providing better access into the container for filling or emptying, thereby offering a reduced chance of strains and back injuries.

Platform Lifting Attachment with drip tray

This platform lifting attachment, with rollers, stop bar and drip tray, has been designed and manufactured to meet with a customer’s specific lifting and handling requirements.
The platform is used to lift and handle a range of containers and vessels and bring them to and from a heated cabinet.  The containers are transported on a tray which is then loaded on the platform. 
The tray ensures that the containers being lifted remain stable and upright whist a removable drip tray is provided as part of the platform to collect any spillage or drips.

Handling Drums and Barrels

This clamp attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of barrels, drums or any cylindrical, tapered items.
The two tapered pads swivel about their mid-point which ensures the best possible contact with the container.

Handling Bars of Material

This cradle attachment is used in the factory, warehouse and production environments to lift and transport various items including bars of material.
The cradle can be raised and lowered precisely which provides an easy transfer of items onto and from the lifting machine.
A pair of retaining hooks are provided to secure the bar in position whilst in transit, even whilst travelling over bumpy surfaces.

Lifter for Boxes and Containers (1)

The Platform Attachment is used in factory, warehouse and production environments to lift various items including process equipment, tooling, boxes and containers.

This lifter is suitable for many industries including automotive, aircraft, printing and mechanical engineering as well as hygienic applications within cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.

Lifting Heavy Reels

This Single Spindle Attachment is used to lift and handle heavy reels of film and paper.
The reels are lifted by the central core. A series of rollers along the spindle attachment enables the heavy reels to slide onto and from the attachment.
Also, a removable pin is provided to secure the reels whilst in transit. 
The attachment is reversible, a feature which enables reels to be picked up from the floor and loaded up to a height of 1900mm.

Crate Box Lifting

This attachment has been specifically designed and developed to suit the lifting and precision movement of containers, such as boxes or cartons.
It is suitable for many industries including, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, automotive, and aircraft.
The attachment is fitted with a series of rollers to aid the smooth loading and unloading of the containers onto and from the attachments supporting arms.

Platform Attachment Adjustable

This lifter with platform attachment is fitted with proximity sensors which can be easily and precisely adjusted to suit two heights for loading and unloading.

These sensors are used to provide the precise control of the attachment’s two height positions.  This provides the operator with quick and accurate load handling, a particularly useful feature when the machine is used in a repetitive situation.

Drum Handling and Tipping Clamp Attachment for Forward Tipping of Drums and Barrels:

The Clamp attachment has been designed to provide optimum flexibility with the lifting, transporting, filling and emptying of drums or barrels.

The drums are securely gripped by pads on the external diameter with a handwheel providing the clamping and unclamping actions. 


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