Drum Handling


Packline offers a wide range of Drum Handling Equipment. The Heavy Duty range of stacker trucks fitted with the Drum Handling attachment can lift a wide range of Drum types and sizes.
The Drum Handling Units are designed to grip and handle Drums by the circumference and rotate to any position through 360 degrees.
Fitted with a quick release system the Drum Handling Attachment can easily be attached to any Heavy Duty Lifter fitted with a Flexline Carriage.

  • Available as Manual or Geared Rotation.
  • Loads capacity up to 300kg.
  • Interchangeable Jaws pre - shaped pads enable the right Drum Lifting and Handling solution to be specified for each individual application.
  •  Suitable for load diameters of up to 850mm as standard.
  •  Built in Slip Torque mechanism to ensure correct gripping pressure is applied preventing over tightening and damage to load.


Drum Handling

Heavy Duty Drum Handling with Rotating Clamp Attachment

This unique Heavy Duty Clamp attachment from Packline,  solves a wide range of large and heavy duty lifting problems. Suitable for lifting and handling drums as well as reels, rolls, coils, barrels etc.
This style of Drum Lifter operates by having one fixed pad and one moving arm where the pad self-aligns to grip the reel.


  • The moving arm is operated via a powerful linear actuator with a built-in torque unit to ensure that the appropriate level of grip is achieved.
  • The actuator removes the need for hydraulics which is not suitable for some industries.
  • The drum clamp can be rotated via the electrical rotation mechanism.
  • This smooth rotation is operated via a pendant handset.
  • The clamp can be rotated up to 180 degrees to re-orientate drums easily.
  • This range of clamps offers solutions for a number of drum sizes and loads up to 450kg depending on the reel.



 Drum Handling

 Drum Handling - Palletizer and Depalletizer

The Quick Release Drum Lifter and Depalletizer from Packline, is a cost effective alternative when no Drum Turning or Tipping is required, ideal for lifting drums onto and off pallets.
The Drum Lifter handles the drums by gripping the lip of the drum for a safe and reliable pick up. The ‘Parrot-Beak’ clamp cradles to protect the drum’s sidewalls and offers a powerful lifting mechanism for loads up to 400kgs.
The Parrot-Beak griper can be fitted to a number of Packline’s Drum Lifters solving numerous lifting and handling issues.

 Drum Handling


Drum Turning

 Drum Turner - optimum drum handling.

Offering high flexibility and efficiency, the drum turner handles drums in the horizontal or vertical position, and of different materials and dimensions.

The Drum Turner with the quick shift system can readily be fitted on all Logitrans Logiflex models with the adjustable carriage.

A wide range of optional extras ensures an optimum ulitisation of the Logiflex - the same Logiflex can be fitted with different attachments such as: spear, platform, crane arms, forks.

The Drum Turner can handle standard steel and plastic drums.

The Drum Turner has a capacity of 250kg. The turning angle of 360 degrees makes it possible to empty a drum.

The Drum Turner is available in a manual or electric rotation model. The electric drum turner has an electronic controller, ensuring:

  • speed and acceleration control
  • delicate operation
  • protection of gear box
  • long operating life

The gearing of the manual gear is 1:80.

The distance from the floor to the drum turner is 260 mm in lowered position.


drum turner plastic


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