Tilting Exhaust Lifter

The Tilting Exhaust Lifter was designed as a one off for a company in the automotive industry.

It was required to cradle the exhaust, which is split into three parts, for operators to then assemble and fit to the vehicles during manufacture.

Each exhaust system can weigh up to 40kg making it unsafe for operators to manually lift, therefore the Packline Compac MK5 lifter and bespoke attachment was required to solve the handling problem.

The whole attachment was required to tilt up to 10 degrees, allowing for precise fitting by operators during this hand built process.

Due to the length of the exhaust system, an extra wide Compac lifter was required to ensure complete stability while maneuvering the lifter around the assembly area.

Each support block is adjustable allowing for the operator to precisely set up the attachment to cradle the exhaust, creating certain datum points so that when the exhaust is first loaded onto the attachment, positioning is always constant.

The support blocks were machined out of a suitable material to ensure that they would not damage any of the exhaust or the vehicle to which the exhaust was being fitted. This was key to the customer’s requirements.

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