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The platform attachment with rollers has been developed in order to allow loads to be lifted and lowered, and then removed from the lifting attachment itself as smoothly as possible. This lifting solution involved handling 20 litre barrels. The barrels were loaded onto the roller attachment, and then removed from the lifter to the storage racking using the attachment’s sliding roller mechanism.

Platform Lifting Attachment with Rollers

The drum handling clamp with tapered pads has been designed for lifting drums with tapered sides, which are more difficult to handle due to their non-symmetrical dimensions.The tapered pads allow a secure grip aligned to the shape of the drum which, in turn, allows easy lifting and stable rotating of the drums.

Drum Handling - Tapered Drum Clamp

This drum handling solution with electric rotation allows bespoke drums of ingredients and associated lids to be lifted and rotated. This allows the contents of the drum to be emptied at height, as well as enabling the drum itself to be cleaned via the rotation facility. This drum handling solution is suitable for clean room environments found in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Electric Rotation Drum Handling

The overhead horizontal rotation forward tipping clamp attachment can be used to lift rolls or drums up to a maximum safe working load of 50kg. The clamp attachment allows the drum or roll to be lifted and rotated by 360 degrees horizontally and as well as vertically, via the forward tipping mechanism.

Drum Lifting Tipping Clamp Attachment

This new ‘sledge’ concept design, for moving barrels of wine and spirits, is an economical solution for moving barrels. The new wine sledge or trolley is designed to handle wine casks throughout the chain of wine production, from cleaning, refilling and transport through narrow corridors connecting different storage cellars, encompassing the complete process.

Wine Barrel Sledge

The new platform attachment was designed in order to allow barrels or drums to be lifted and rotated without the use of a clamping mechanism. This platform attachment allows the barrel or drum to be loaded easily and strapped to the side panel of the attachment. The design of the platform attachment keeps the drum or barrel in place during rotation.

Drum Handling Platform Attachment (6)

The Platform Attachment was designed to lift electrical hardware as part of an assembly process. This lifting equipment lifts and transports the material from a trolley to a loading frame. A bespoke lifter leg arrangement was required to be suitable for close access to the trolley, whilst still maintaining stability and manoeuvrability.

Platform Attachment

The double clamping vertical spindle attachment with geared rotation is designed for use with rolls of material that ‘telescope’ easily. The double clamping feature prevents the reels from telescoping, keeping the roll of material intact. Manufactured from stainless steel, this roll handler is suitable for clean room environments, for example in the food, drinks, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Reel Handling with double clamping attachment v2

The overhead low profile clamp attachment is designed for loading reels or cylindrical material into and out of containers, boxes or shrink wrapping machine mandrels.This reel handling solution can also be used for lifting reels from a pallet to be lowered onto a vertical mandrel on a shrink wrapping machine. 

Reel Handling - Middle position

The roll handling equipment with side-loading cradle attachment is ideal in situations where access to the packaging machinery is restricted. Manufactured from stainless steel, the range of reel handling equipment from Packline is designed for lifting and handling rolls or reels of film, foil or packaging material.

Roll Handling with Cradle attachment

The low profile clamp attachment for handling rolls of material is designed for situations where access to the rolls is restricted, along narrow production lines or where rolls are closely stacked on pallets. The arms of the low profile clamp are designed to be narrow which is ideal for accessing rolls that are closely packed together or where access to the rolls is restricted.

Roll Handling with Low Profile Clamp Attachment

The roll handling equipment with counterbalance unit is designed for loading and unloading rolls of material where a longer distance reach is required. This longer reach is achieved by means of the counterbalance unit.


Roll Handling with Counterbalance

This roll or drum handling lifting frame incorporates a unique ‘X-Frame’ design ideally suited for close access to the corner of pallets, when lifting drums or rolls of film or packaging material.


X-Frame drum handling with pallet and drum

A unique solution within the wine and spirits industry to assist in the lifting and positioning of large wine or spirit vats or barrels. Designed and manufactured by Packline, this solution is specifically designed to solve a problem within these industries.

Wine Vat Lifter

This version of the Vertical Spindle from Packline, allows operators to simply lift and lower reels of material safely and efficiently. Either using an existing overhead system or, if you are installing a new overhead system, this new attachment will solve your lifting and handling needs.


Vertical Spindle for overhead systems
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