A customer in the building industry had a requirement to lift, transport and rotate foil reels in a warehouse environment.

The reels are stored vertically on pallets, which need to be lifted to a height of 1650mm and rotated to the horizontal orientation for loading onto the unwind mandrel on the processing machinery.

Packline supplied a 3-inch vertical spindle attachment with manual rotation. Geared rotation and fully motorized options are also available to minimise manual handling.

The vertical spindle was mounted onto a Logitrans LF1650 stacker truck with manual lift and lower functions and manual propulsion. Electric lift and lower, as well as powered propulsion are also available depending on requirements.

The foil reels are lifted by their core from the pallet in the vertical position. The rolls are then transported horizontally. The lifting attachment is mounted onto a Logitrans heavy-duty mild steel painted stacker truck suitable for a warehouse environment. Stainless steel construction is also available for clean room environments.

This attachment has a maximum capacity of up to 220kg (485lbs), however higher rated models are available on request.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most lifting requirements.

All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be fitted or removed from most models of Logitrans lifting machine.


  • Lifting Capacity: 220kg (485lbs).
  • Reel dimensions: Width 600mm (23.6”), Diameter 500mm (19.6”).
  • Lift height: 1650mm
  • Manual Lift and Drive (powered options available on request)