This bespoke stillage and pallet truck solution was designed for a customer in the chemicals industry to solve a storage and transportation need. The customer required a specially constructed stillage fabrication to house two hopper and pump assemblies.

The pump and hopper assembly are used to dispense chemicals into a mixer in the production area. When not in use or for transportation purposes a solution was required to store and move the pump and hopper assemblies.

A bespoke stillage mild painted steel fabrication was designed to store the hopper and pump assemblies. Two compartments in the stillage house the two pumps and hoppers separately. The pump and hopper assemblies are lifted from the mixer onto the stillage using a lifting hoist. The assemblies can be stored in the stillage or transported to the dispensing department as required.

A bespoke Logitrans fully powered pallet truck with custom designed longer legs is used to transport the stillage. The pallet truck legs slide smoothly beneath the stillage fabrication construction and gently lift the construction for transportation purposes. Powered drive ensures easy and safe handling of stillages.

This handling solution easily transports the pump and hopper assemblies with a combined weight of 800kg, with the maximum lift capacity of the powered pallet truck up to 1800kg. The custom-built pallet truck legs are designed to ensure a secure lift along the length (1840mm) of the stillage.

The pallet truck and stillage are backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most lifting requirements.


  • Lift Capacity: 1800kg (3968lbs).
  • Stillage Length: 1840mm (72.4-inches).
  • Pump and hopper assembly weight: 800kg (1763-inches).
  • Pallet Truck extended legs: 1520mm.