A customer in the industrial equipment supply sector had a requirement to lift and move bags of plastic polymers from a pallet on a raised mezzanine floor or platform onto a hopper or bulk storage vessel.

In addition, the customer faced a problem in that there was a ceiling height restriction of 4.5m with exposed pipes running along the ceiling that needed to be avoided when lifting and handling the bags.

The vacuum lifter would be floor mounted or alternatively mounted onto the platform to gain easy access to the bags of plastic polymer.

The bags weighed 25kg with dimensions of 550mm length, 350mm width, 200mm height.

The sacks would be perfect for handling with a vacuum lifting system.

The total height of the plastic polymer bags on the mezzanine floor is 3.5m, with a height of 4500mm from the floor to the ceiling.

Due to the height restrictions, and limited space of the platform area, Vac-Line recommended a tall two-joint swing arm vacuum lifter with a suction pad for sacks, which is floor mounted and swings over the mezzanine floor, and with a lift height of between 1850mm – 3500mm.

The reach of the vacuum lifter is 2.5m and as the swing arm is rotatable by 360° it provides a 5m work area to cover the entire mezzanine area.

This process enabled Vac-Line to design and manufacture the correct bespoke lifter with suitable dimensions resulting in a vacuum lifting solution tailored to the specific customer requirements.


  • Lift Capacity: 50kg.
  • Standard Arm Reach: 2500mm.
  • Lift Height: 1850mm – 3500mm.
  • Work Area: 360 degrees.