Vac-Line was approached by a company that produces fudge and other confectionery to provide a lifting and handling solution for 25kg sacks of ingredients. The requirement was to lift 25kg sacks of ingredients from pallets in the warehouse area. The sacks needed to be transported to the production area and up to and over a hopper to split the sacks and pour the contents into the hopper without losing suction on the sacks.

Vac-Line conducted a technical site survey to check the application and address concerns over access and headroom availability. It was concluded that a reduced column height vacuum lifter was required to ensure that the vacuum lifter could be transported from the warehouse to the production area, through a low height sliding door.

Vac-Line recommended a reduced column height two-joint swing arm vacuum lifter on a counterbalanced base plate.

The client had an additional requirement to use the same vacuum lifter in the warehouse to load and unload a mix of sacks and boxes from and onto pallets, to create pallets of the correct recipe. The unit needed to be portable to multi-task in the warehouse and production areas.

Vac-Line supplied the unit on a counterbalanced base plate to be portable, and also an oval suction head for sacks, and a 4-pad adjustable suction head for boxes.

Initially, we supplied a demonstration model, so the client was able to check the principle and give the operators an opportunity to try the vacuum lifter on-site, as this was a new concept to the client and their team. The demonstration model helps everyone to see the benefits of the vacuum lifter, so we worked with the client to ensure it worked as needed in their production areas.

In addition, we supplied drawings for approval and to allow for final checking by the customer to ensure the lifting solution had access to all areas and still lifted high enough to grab the sacks or boxes and also lift the sacks high enough to clear the lip of the mixing hopper.

This process enabled Vac-Line to design and manufacture the correct bespoke lifter with suitable dimensions resulting in a vacuum lifting solution tailored to the specific customer requirements.


  • Lift Capacity: 70kg.
  • Standard Arm Reach: 2500mm.
  • Additional Reach: 500mm.
  • Standard Column Height with Base Plate: 2940mm.
  • Column Height reduced by: 1000mm.
  • Work Area: 360 degrees.