The range of Grab-O-Matic forklift or stacker truck drum handling attachments can be quickly and securely attached to the forklift trucks, allowing the drums to be lifted, moved, and handled efficiently.

Barrels or drums made from cardboard, Kraft paper or fibreboard, known as Fibre Drums, are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and for a wide range of powdered and non-hazardous goods. Fibre drums are low cost, lightweight and customisable, and environmentally friendly since they can be either re-used or recycled. Fibre drums are a versatile and affordable alternative to plastic or steel drums and can easily be handled using the range of forklift truck attachments.

Fibre drums come in many shapes and sizes, made wholly from fibre, or including metal rims or chimes for additional strength, solid plastic or metal lids and metal lever locks. This wide range of styles and the risk of damage to the relatively light material of the drum means that standard fork truck drum handling equipment is not suitable for handling fibre drums.

Heavy fibre drums with a weight of 100kg up to 250kg and a strong lid and rim require specially adapted twin grip jaws to spread the load. The Twin Head Single Drum Handler gripping head (1DTLR) is suitable for handling the drums in this weight range. For simultaneous two drum handling, the Twin Head and Pillar (HD4) is suitable.

Mid-weight fibre drums with a weight of 50kg up to 100kg and a strong lid and rim would suit specially adapted grip jaws, for lifting and handling of these drums. The especially adapted Single Head Drum Handler (Gripping Head HD-1) will handle these drums.

The attachment has been designed to provide a high load capacity with great strength and durability as well as enhanced wear resistance. It is very easy to use which provides a simple and safe action.

Suitable for fibreboard, cardboard drums, this attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.


  • Lift Capacity: 50kg – 250kg
  • Fibreboard cardboard type drums
  • Gripping Heads: HD-1 (50kg-100kg), 1DTLR (100kg-250kg), HD-4 (twin head)