A leading supplier of advanced sealing and bonding materials had a lifting requirement to handle heavy plastic panels. The vacuum handling solution lifts the panels from the pallet or storage to the processing machinery. Vac-line supplied a Swing Jib Vacuum Lifter and hoist with a Spider-Lift attachment.

The Spider-Lift attachment lifts the plastic panels up to a safe working load of 150kg. The 4-pad spider-lift attachment, with built in pump, lifts the plastic panels in the horizontal orientation.

Following installation and commissioning of the vacuum lifting unit, the customer’s handling issue was resolved minimising operator manually handling of the plastic panels, improving health and safety conditions.

The popular and versatile Swing Jib Arm Vacuum Lifter is the standard entry level vacuum lifter from Vac-line, available at a very competitive price. The vacuum lifter column can be mounted to the floor or a moveable counterweight. The mounting plate allows for 270 degrees of rotation for the arm. The Jib Arms are manufactured in lengths of up to 8m.

They can be supplied in mild steel and painted, or in stainless steel 304 or 316 for clean room hygienic environments.

The range of Spider Lifters are traditionally hung from a hoist and swing jib. The Spider Lifter is then used to hold a load whilst it is lifted and lowered using a hoist. The Swing Jib allows the operator to move the item into place. The simplest of the solutions allows the operator to lift and lower an item vertically. The vacuum pads vary in size and number depending on the item being handled.

The pads are set along adjustable booms allowing for different sized items to be handled with the same vacuum system.


  • Lift Capacity 150kg
  • Reach up to 8m (315”)
  • 270-degree rotation
  • Up to 3.1m beneath the standard jib arm
  • Counterbalance Base Plate mounted.
  • Floor, ceiling or wall mounted options
  • Mild steel painted / Stainless Steel 304 or 316
  • Suction Pads: x4