The 50mm (2-inch) vertical spindle attachment was designed in response to a customer enquiry in the food processing industry to handle metal cylinders with plastic or metal cores.

The standard vertical spindle attachment handles 3-inch cores.

Metal cylindrical tooling with plastic and metal cores is lifted in and out of the processing machinery.

This vertical spindle attachment mechanism has been redesigned and remanufactured to accommodate the smaller than standard cylinder tooling cores. The miniaturised construction retains the capacity, strength and usability of the standard model.

The vertical spindle attachment is equipped with three serrated stainless steel gripping fingers to ensure a secure grip on the plastic or metal cores.

The attachment features mainly a stainless-steel construction to ensure the strength of the attachment.

The lifting capacity is 25-50kg.

The vertical spindle attachment features manual rotation. Ergonomically placed handles on the vertical spindle attachment facilitate easy operator rotation of the load to and from the vertical to horizontal orientations.

A handwheel provides the gripping and release actions. The loads are securely gripped by the core. This mechanism has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamping fingers do not over or under tighten in the core.

This attachment is manufactured entirely from stainless steel making it suitable for food industries and other hygienic applications.


  • Reel core dimensions: 49-55mm
  • Maximum lift capacity: 50kg