The adjustable Die Block Lifting Attachment was designed in response to a customer enquiry in the battery manufacturing industry to transfer die blocks from a storage trolley to the press machinery.

This bespoke attachment features an adjustable plunger pin to cater for different sized die blocks. The plunger pin can be easily adjusted to fit and securely grip the different sized die blocks.

A latch pin and slide bar mechanism enable the locking tabs to be turned and adjusted to suit the varying sized tooling.

The locking pins are rotated by 90 degrees to lock the die block tooling securely in place on the lifting attachment. The pins are further rotated by 90 degrees to unload the tooling onto the press.

This lifting mechanism safely locks the die block tooling onto the attachment via the two sockets of the tool in one easy operation, enabling the operator to pick up and lift the tooling into place on the press machinery.

The attachment has been designed to provide a high load capacity with great strength and durability as well as enhanced wear resistance.

This attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.

This handling equipment has a maximum capacity of 45kg (99lbs), however larger capacities may be available on request.


  • Lift capacity – 45kg (99lbs).

  • Tooling Dimensions: 200mm (7.9”) width, 700mm (27.6”) length, 130mm (5.1”) depth.