The Spiderlift Vacuum Lifter enables users to repeatedly lift and accurately place a wide variety of loads including pallets, glass, plastics, metals, wood, boxes, windows and sheets of material.

This vacuum lifting attachment has the ability to rotate the loads to be lifted through 180 degrees. The suction cups are available with adjustable lengths and widths.

The range of Spider Lifters are traditionally hung from a hoist and swing jib. The Spider Lifter is then used to hold a load whilst it is lifted and lowered using a hoist. The Swing Jib allows the operator to move the item into place.

The pads are set along adjustable booms allowing for different sized items to be handled with the same vacuum system. As part of a process an item may require tilting or rotating both of which can be carried out using variations of this standard Spider Lifter design.

This Vacuum Spider Lift was designed in response to a customer enquiry in the bespoke packaging solutions industry. The customer needed to lift and move bespoke shipping pallets, as well as rotate through 180 degrees to gain access to the underside of the pallet.

The 180 degrees rotating Spider Lift is the ideal solution for this handling issue. This handling solution removed the manual handling surrounding lifting bulky 60kg, 1400mm long items. The bespoke pallets can be turned through 180 degrees, placed on a table to gain easy access allowing the operator to work on the underside of the pallet.


  • C-500 Swing Jib with Spider Lift Attachment
Lift Capacity – 500kg (1102lbs)

  • Attachment – 4 Pad vacuum spider lift, 180° rotation
  • Bespoke Pallets weight – 60kg (132lbs)

  • Bespoke Pallets dimensions – 1400mm length (55 inches)