The new MK 5.1 ‘Compac’ demonstration model features new technology including a joystick for ease of control. In addition, new electronics, safety features, upgraded PCB, multi voltage, new digital controls and analysis are also featured.

The Stainless Drum Clamp Attachment with powered clamping and rotation is designed to lift and rotate stainless steel drums in a clean room environment, minimising operator manual handling.

The fully powered, mechanical drum lifter is equipped with powered lifting and clamping, in addition to powered rotation through 360 degrees.

The Clamp Attachment has been designed to handle drums by providing powered lifting and rotating. An additional powered drive provides the grip and release action.

The raising, lowering and clamping actions of the Clamp Attachment are facilitated by a remote control. A fail-safe two-button function control prevents the operator from inadvertently dropping the drum whilst handling. This safety actuator button on the remote control requires the operator to press the actuator button and the required function (lift, lower or rotate) simultaneously.

This lifting solution features new high-tech, upgraded, programmable micro-electronics including a multi voltage control for the raising and lowering functions. Upgraded PCB control cards enable improved functionality, monitoring as well as digital controls and analysis.

The lifting machine features straddle legs to gain easy access to the drums across the pallet, and to enable loading and unloading of the drums directly onto the floor.

This lifter is entirely suitable for the food industry and other hygienic applications and features FDA approved nitrile rubber pads.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service ensuring the right solution can be made to suit most applications and requirements.

All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fixed or removed from any model of ‘Compac’ lifting machine that is fitted with the quick release system.


  • Lift Capacity – 300kgs (661lbs).
Multi Voltage – 12, 24, 48 Volts.