The fully powered twin mast stacker truck with clamp attachment was designed in response to a customer requirement in the food processing industry (cheese specialists) to handle heavy rolls from the pallet and load to a high point on the processing machinery in a confined space with low ceiling height.

The rolls are stacked vertically on the pallets. The clamp attachment lifts the rolls from the pallets and transports them to the processing machinery to be loaded in the vertical or horizontal orientations.

This fully powered lifting solution is suitable for large rolls of paper with a capacity of 1000kg (2204lbs).

The stacker truck encompasses a twin mast telescoped inside the column. This feature enables a shorter frame stacker with telescopic mast to lift to an increased height of 2420mm. This feature enables the stacker truck to lift the paper to a high load point on the processing machinery in a confined low ceiling height environment.

The twin mast feature enables the access to the secondary feed machinery on a raised floor.

This clamp attachment features manual grip and rotation. The gripping action is achieved by means of a handwheel, providing easy grip and release actions of the reels which are secured by the external diameter.

The clamp attachment features FDA approved nitrile rubber rollers.

The mechanism is fitted with a torque limiter so that the gripping rollers do not over or under tighten onto the roll. This feature enables the operator to lift and transport rolls with complete confidence.

The rolls can be easily rotated using the four ergonomic handles situated on both sides of the attachment.

The attachment has been designed to provide strength, durability as well as improved wear resistance and enhanced ease of use which provides a simple and safe action.


  • Lifting Capacity: 225kg (496 lbs)
  • Lift height: 2250mm (88.58 inches)