The electric high-lifter with automatic level control was designed in response to a customer requirement in the food industry to lift boxes of material in a warehouse setting. The Automatic High-Lifter maintains the height for loading and unloading automatically.

The high-lifter maintains a constant working height of 800mm for easy transfer of the load, avoiding any repetitive back strain.

This high-quality lifting solution has a rechargeable battery which powers the forks to raise or lower when loading or unloading materials to maintain the desired height.

With the Level Controller the loading and unloading height is automatically maintained at an ergonomically correct height. Simple controls enable the operator to quickly set the machine to the required height.

This high-lifter features electric lift and lower functions with manual propulsion.

Once set, the required ergonomically correct height helps to prevent potential injuries and strains on the operator and improves efficiency.

The high-lifter is easy to program and operate, with built in safety protection.

Manufactured in painted mild steel, this lifter is suitable for most factory and warehouse environments.

Wherever possible, the High Lift Pallet Trucks have been designed to eliminate dirt traps and facilitate ease of cleaning.


  • Lifting capacity: 1000kgs
Working height: 800mm