The extended vertical spindle attachment was designed in response to a customer requirement in the food industry to handle very wide and large diameter rolls (1000-1100mm) of film.

The vertical spindle attachment tube has been extended to incorporate the wider rolls. In addition, the vertical spindle features an extended block to facilitate the longer drop required for the larger rolls.

A heavy-duty rotation kit and geared rotation ensures that the wide rolls can be safely rotated to and from the vertical to the horizontal.

The vertical spindle attachment features manual roll gripping and release by means of a handwheel. The rolls are securely gripped by the core. This mechanism is fitted with a torque limiter so that the clamping rollers do not over or under tighten onto the reel.

This lifting solution encompasses powered lifting and lowering.

The Vertical Spindle attachment has been designed to suit the lifting and rotation of rolls of film and foil with a safe working load of 225kg (500lbs), although higher capacities may be available on request.

The attachments enhanced design features include a greater load capacity, improved strength and durability which provides an easy and safe operation. It is entirely suitable for the food industry and other hygienic applications.

All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fitted or removed from any model of ‘Compac’ lifting machine that is fitted with the quick release system.


  • Lift capacity: 225kg (500lbs).
  • Roll diameter: 1100mm (43.3”).