This Rotating Clamp Attachment was designed in response to a customer requirement in the food industry to lift heavy drums or barrels of ingredients and rotate to a pre-set fixed degree for emptying of the ingredients into a hopper for mixing.

The attachment incorporates a handwheel for the easy grip and release action of the drums which are secured by the external diameter.

Ergonomically placed handles on the clamp attachment facilitate easy operator rotation of the drum through 360 degrees.

Fixed ‘stops’ at pre-set positions ensure the drum can be rotated to the pre-set angles for lifting and emptying of ingredients at 90 and 180 degrees or any angle as required by the customer.

A plunger on the crown of the attachment back plate is released for rotation of the drum. Indexed hole pin positions enable the operator to fix the clamp at pre-set angles by placing the pin stop in the appropriate stop position.

The combination of these features provides easy operation and precise control.

The lifting machine is equipped with electric lift and lower functions.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most drums or barrels.

All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fitted or removed from any model of ‘Compac’ lifting machine that is fitted with the quick release system.

Lifting capacity of up to 300kg (661lbs) depending upon model.