The Logi-Tilt lifting and tilting machine was designed for a customer in the medical industry to lift and tilt cages or stillages of component parts for medical devices, in the production assembly area.

The Logi-Tilt lifts the stillages of component parts and tilts the parts towards the operator to enable easy lifting and manual handling of the parts at the optimum height. This ensures the operator can easily access the parts on a repetitive basis whilst minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury.

An additional safety feature, a latch slide control, is included to prevent over-tilting of the tilting mechanism; maintaining stability and ensuring there is no spillage of the components.

This lifter is fully motorised. This feature provides power for both the lifting and tilting functions. The control of the tilting mechanism is made via a hand-held ‘pendant’ which provides easy operation and precise control.

These features ensure a quick, easy and simple transfer with minimal operator effort which means that the drums can be handled surely and safely with minimum effort and complete confidence.

The attachment has been designed to provide a high load capacity with great strength and durability as well as enhanced wear resistance. It is very easy to use which provides a simple and safe action.

This lifting solution is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.

This Logi-Tilt has a lifting capacity of 1000kg (2204lbs); however different capacities, and to suit other types and styles of stillages and containers are available on request.