The mild steel white painted stacker truck with extended forks was designed in response to a customer requirement in the chemicals industry to lift and transport large tanks of adhesive.

The stacker is constructed with two extended forks (1150mm) together with two standard forks (800mm) to enable easy pick up and loading of the large tanks of adhesive; as well as providing versatility of handling numerous loads and dimensions.

This mild steel stacker truck is painted white to facilitate cleanliness and enable detection of any dirt or paint chips, suitable for high care environments. In addition, the lifter is available in any colour including high visibility colours, ideal for environments where health and safety is paramount.

This lifting solution is fully powered with both powered lift and drive. Although there are also manual versions available.

Wherever possible, the High Lift Pallet Trucks have been designed to eliminate dirt traps and facilitate ease of cleaning thereby minimising the risk of bacterial contamination.


  • Machine unit: Logiflex Stacker electric lift, powered drive.
  • Stacker forks: Wrap-over forks 800mm – 1150mm.