This Drum Clamp Attachment with Forward Tipping is designed for the lifting and tipping of heavy steel drums of fluid weighing up to 210 litres.

The lifting solution incorporates a digital control system to facilitate the forward tipping mechanism. The programmable rotation control enables the operator to pre-program the drum tilt attachment to tip and rotate the drum to any angle, as required.

The drums of fluid are transported from the pallet to a mixing tank where the contents can be emptied into the mixing tank at the specific pre-programmed forward tipping angle.

The forward tipping drum clamp attachment is mounted onto a Logitrans ELF powered lifter with electric lift and manual propulsion.

These features ensure a quick, easy and simple transfer with minimal operator effort which means that the drums can be handled surely and safely with minimum effort and complete confidence.

The attachment has been designed to provide a high load capacity with great strength and durability as well as enhanced wear resistance. It is very easy to use which provides a simple and safe action.

Suitable for large fluid filled steel drums, this attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.

This drum handling equipment has a lifting capacity of 210 litre drums (46 gallons); however larger capacities, and to suit other types and styles of drums are available on request.