The ‘Hedgehog’ Multi Reel Dolly is a storage and transfer accessory, suitable for any production floor.

This reel dolly was originally designed as a handling solution for the medical industry to transport reels of film and foil from a warehouse facility to a clean room.

Reels will arrive on a pallet in the Vertical orientation. A lifting device, such as the Packline Vertical Spindle and ‘Compac’ lifter, is used to lift and rotate the reels to load them on to the Hedgehog Reel Dolly. The Hedgehog Reel Dolly is then transferred to the production line area where a simple lifter and boom, such as the Packline ‘Compac’ Lifter, is used to load the reels from the Reel Dolly to the production line swiftly and ergonomically.

In addition, the Reel Dolly is a convenient and hygienic storage resource for the reels, and a cleaner alternative to the reels being stored on the floor or pallets.
Manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 the ‘Hedgehog’ Reel Dolly is designed with hygiene in mind with easy wipe down surfaces.

Each ‘Hedgehog’ Reel Dolly can be made to order to suit most reel diameters, widths, and weights.

Brakes and swivel castors provide full manoeuvrability in tight spaces. When the brakes are applied the Dolly can be used as a storage facility until such time that the reels are required.