The quarter pallet lifter, LogiQ, is designed to lift and transport quarter sized pallets.

The quarter pallet lifting truck is used in the retail environment for moving and transporting loads inside shops.

The LogiQ is suitable for handling boxes with garments, shopping items or smaller sized items in clean space.

This pallet truck is highly maneuverable and versatile with a wide range of applications, such as supermarkets, storage and packing areas, petrol stations, shops, retail etc.

The LogiQ handles are ergonomically designed with gripping handles that ensure a relaxed hold. The pallet truck wheels enable smooth and silent transport, ideal for shop floors.

The LogiQ pallet lifter for lifting and moving quarter pallets is available as a manual or hydraulic lift.

These features ensure a quick, easy and simple transfer with minimal operator effort which means that the pallets or boxes can be handled surely and safely with minimum effort and complete confidence.