This bespoke Rotating Clamp Attachment was designed in response to a customer requirement for a solution to securely clamp and rotate a large frame, weighing up to 160kg.

The geared rotating clamp attachment firmly grips onto the ‘criss-cross’ box section of the frame.

The four clamping arms close and grip around the frame’s box section ensuring a secure hold whilst the frame is being rotated. In addition, rubber nitrile pads line the clamping arms keeping the framework in place.

The rotation facility allows all sides of the frame to be easily accessed to enable welding of the frame.

This heavy-duty handling solution encompasses a welded steel clamp attachment with the capability to grip and rotate the large mild steel frame without the need for any manual assistance.

This handling solution removes any risk of injury to employees when accessing all sides of the frame.

This Rotating Clamp is designed to be fitted to an electric lift stacker unit. These units are a heavy duty, high capacity and ideal for factory and warehouse environments.

This attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.

This handling equipment has a maximum capacity of 160kg (352lbs), however larger capacities may be available on request.