This Vertical Spindle attachment is designed for the lifting, rotation and handling of heavy reels with a large diameter. This heavy-duty lifting solution offers geared rotation and an extended reach.

The Vertical Spindle Attachment comprises a specially extended ‘mounting block’ to cater for the large diameter reels.

The attachment has a gearbox with manual handwheel for the rotation of the reels to and from the vertical to horizontal orientations and a further handwheel provides the reel gripping and release actions. The reels are securely gripped by the core. This mechanism has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamping fingers do not over or under tighten.

These features combine to make quick, easy and simple transfers with minimal operator effort which means that the reels can be handled surely and safely with minimum effort and complete confidence.

The attachment has been designed to provide a high load capacity with great strength and durability as well as enhanced wear resistance.

Designed for warehouse use, this reel lifter is suitable for handling reels of paper, film, foil and various packaging materials. This attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most requirements.

The reel handling equipment has a maximum capacity of 250kg (551lbs), however larger capacities may be available on request.