The Stainless-Steel Self Levelling Trolley is designed for use in clean room, high care food processing, chemical or pharmaceutical production areas.

This dual-purpose Trolley self-adjusts to allow loading and unloading of products at optimal height, making work operations faster, safer and more efficient.
The self-levelling trolley automatically self-adjusts its height according to the load placed on it; available with either fixed weight settings or adjustable (25kg, 45kg, 65kg or 85kg).

These ‘constant level trolleys’ in stainless steel have numerous benefits and features, including:
• The load capacity can be easily adjusted between 20kg (44lbs) up to 85kg (187lbs).
• Ergonomic design and development.
• Innovative, fast and silent height adjustment mechanism.
• Trackless Rubber Swivel Castors with brakes and controlled swivel feature.
• Ergonomic handle grips.
• Stainless Steel 304 construction.
• Minimum/maximum height of platform = 240/780mm (9.4/30.7 inches).
• Weight = 55kg (121lbs).