This Stainless Lifter with powered drive and lift is designed to lift a stainless-steel hopper in a pharmaceutical environment.

The high-quality Lifting Machine has been designed to provide the safe, easy lifting and handling of large items such as stainless mixing vessels or hoppers, and offers great strength, durability, manoeuvrability with low maintenance costs.

It is manufactured in stainless steel which makes it highly suitable for both the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as other hygienic and high-risk applications.

The machine is fitted with a parking brake and has two electric drives which are used for the lifting and propulsion actions.

These drives are powered by the maintenance free, rechargeable battery with all operational controls in a central location on or near the tiller handle.  A transparent and impact resistant safety screen protects the operator from the moving parts.

The design incorporates closed forks, easy cleaning and offers impressive strength and durability the operator can lift and manoeuvre the vessel with complete confidence and safety.

Available with straddle legs, this stainless lifting equipment is also suitable for the transportation of all types of euro-pallet; including the ‘closed’ design.

This machine has a lifting capacity of up to 1000kg (2204lbs), higher capacities may be available on request.