The Drum Rotator is designed to lift Plastic Mauser Drums in the Pharmaceutical industry; with electric forward rotation and suspended from an overhead crane.

This Drum Cradle Attachment has been designed and produced to meet with a pharmaceutical customer’s requirement of lifting, transporting, loading and tilting drums to provide controlled emptying.

The unique design supports the drum by using an over centre latch clamp to secure and hold the drum centrally between the ribs.

The unit has powered rotation which is controlled from a pendant controller, ensuring a safe and efficient solution which provides a secure, simple and controlled operation.

The Drum Cradle is designed to be lifted by an overhead crane and has an adjustable top bracket to ensure that the centre of gravity is achieved correctly, and the unit is supported in a true and square manner.

The design offers impressive strength and durability with ease of operating and is entirely suitable for the pharmaceutical and petrol-chemical industries and other, similar applications as the solution is manufactured in easily cleaned stainless steel, 304.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service ensuring the right solution can be made to suit many drum sizes.

Technical Specification:

Safe Working Load (SWL): 250kg (551lbs).

Drum diameter and height: 560mm x 870mm (22” x 34”).

Powered rotation: 360 degrees with no stops.

Battery powered: 12 volts.

Maintenance free, rechargeable battery.

Main Materials: St. Steel & Anodised Aluminium.

12v battery rechargeable and a remote control – hard wire and voltage variations available.
Clamping is manual with an adjustable belt toggle.

Powered Rotation.