New to Packline, the heavy-duty Rotary Tray Attachment is designed to lift reels from pallet level by rolling the reels off the pallet and onto the attachment. The reels can then be rotated through 180 degrees and lifted onto storage racks up to a height of 1800mm. This lifting solution is ideal for the Printing Industry, handling reels up to a weight of 140kg.

This Heavy-Duty Reel Rotator attachment is combined with a Logitrans Lifting Machine which make it ideal for the lifting, rotating and handling of heavy reels of film or paper, etc. to and from storage pallets and racking and then loading the reels onto packaging machinery or storage racks.

The versatile and rugged Logitrans Lifting Machine has powered drive for the lifting and lowering actions and this allows the attachment to be raised and lowered with great precision.

This attachment with the reel can be manually rotated through 360 degrees with minimal effort which is due to the smooth yet substantial supporting bearing assembly.

These features combine to enable the operator to handle reels with complete confidence and safety whilst providing full control.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service ensuring the right solution can be made to suit most applications and requirements.

The maximum capacity is up to 140kg however, higher rated models may be available on request.