A leading Aerospace Manufacturing facility approached Packline Materials Handling to request the use of our services to design and manufacture a couple of Bespoke Heavy Duty Stillages that could be used to carry and support aerospace parts, whilst they were loaded into an oven. The whole stillage was to be placed in the oven with the parts.

Packline was able to specify a Heavy-Duty Stacker Truck capable of carrying out the lifting task and were able to design the stillages to suit the fork pitch and length of the truck.

The stillages had perforated tops to allow the heat of the oven to pass through providing as consistent a temperature as possible whilst still supporting the parts.

This simple design solved a difficult handling application combining, dangerous temperatures, heavy parts and reach to get to the rear of the oven.

The solution has proven to be a success and the lifter is used in other areas of the facility making it a worthwhile all-round investment.


Safe Working Load = 200kg

Sizes = 900mmx 900mm and 800 x 800mm

Materials = Mild Steel