The Reel Rotator with Straddle Legs is ideal for handling heavy reels to and from all types of pallets.

This attachment, when combined with a Logitrans Lifting Machine fitted with Straddle Legs, is designed for the lifting, rotation and handling of heavy reels.

This unit is particularly ideal for handling reels which are stored on large pallets. The Lifting Machine is fitted with legs which are designed to straddle the pallet whilst loading or unloading a reel.

The reels are secured by the outside diameter within the attachment arms by self-centring gripper plates which are faced with rubber pads. This provides the operator with secure and safe lifting and handling without damage.

The machine has many safety features and benefits which include powered rotation. This is governed so that rotation can only take place at 750mm or higher. This is done so that the gripping arms of the attachment do not hit the floor or legs of the machine.

This Reel Rotator attachment is available on four versions of the Lifting Machine which in turn are also available with manual or electric powered rotation, reel gripping and release and the lifting and lowering of the reels.

The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service ensuring the right solution can be made to suit most applications and requirements.

This attachment has a maximum capacity of up to 500kg however, higher rated models may be available on request.