This ‘Slewing Compac’ with Extendable Linear Rail Fork Attachment is designed to rotate around an axis, in response to a customer requirement to lift a stainless-steel vat from its docked position and then place on the floor next to a staged area.

The ‘Slewing Compac’ is bolted in a permanent position on a mezzanine floor an is manually slewed through 360 degrees.

The fork attachment is extended over the staging area to reach the handles on each side of the stainless-steel vat.

As the attachment is raised the support blocks on the end of each fork engage with the handles allowing the safe and secure lifting of the vat. The container is then moved towards the lifter by contracting the attachment forks, in preparation for the slewing process. Once slewed to 90 degrees, the vat can be lowered to the floor.

The raising and lowering of the attachment are facilitated by a battery powered mechanism which is operated by push buttons mounted on a pendant controller.

Together with a ‘slow-start’ feature, this provides the operator with precise and accurate positioning when loading and rotating the container.

This attachment has a maximum capacity of up to 120kg.