This bespoke Rotating Tool Holder attachment is a unique design which has been made in response to a client in the medical industry who had a long standing and potentially dangerous handling and lifting issue.

This attachment is used to hold and handle a piece of equipment whilst it is being serviced and maintained.  It is made exclusively from hygienic, non-shedding materials to avoid the possibility of any contamination.

The ‘Compac’ lifting machine raises and lowers the attachment by a battery powered mechanism and this is operated by simple ‘up and down’ buttons which are located ergonomically on the machines handle bars.  This is further enhanced with a slow start feature which provides the operator with precise and accurate positioning when loading and un-loading.

The operator uses the attachment by sliding the tooling into the holder where it is secured in the supporting arms by a pair of latch pins.  A further pin is used to allow the tooling to be rotated 360-degrees in 90-degree steps, and this provides the full and easy access to either or both sides simultaneously.

This attachment has a lifting capacity of up to 50kg.

The design offers impressive strength and durability and together these features combine to provide the lifting, transportation and maintenance of the tooling or die blocks, etc. with ease, confidence and safety.