The Roll Lifter with Powered Drive Unit from Packline Materials Handling has been designed and developed in response to customer criteria where the minimum amount of physical effort is required to provide precision manoeuvrability of the roll lifting machine with both forward and reverse drive.

Like all the wheels on the ‘Compac’ lifting machine, the drive wheel is made from Polyurethane so it is ideal for clean room and high risk applications.

The gas strut suspension system ensures that the drive wheel always maintains full contact with the floor.

The powered drive uses the ‘Compac’ lifting machine’s 12 volt battery as its power source and has numerous and advanced built-in safety features:

  • Keyed E-Stop for the main ‘on and off’ switch control.
  • A controlled activation system where the tiller is lowered slightly so that the activation micro-switch button can be used to power the drive system.
  • An anti-trap safety device so that the operator cannot be trapped between the machine and a wall of similar solid object.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy and safe ergonomic handling by a single operator.
  • Full and precise maneuverability for ease of operation with minimal effort.
  • Suitable for high risk and hygienic applications.
  • The possibility of retro-fitting to existing ‘Compac’ lifting machines, subject to a survey.
  • Quick and easy removal and replacement for cleaning and servicing.
  • Low maintenance.

The Powered Drive Unit is a ‘bolt-on’ addition to the ‘Compac’ Lifting Machine and can be easily removed and refitted, as required.