The Triple Wheel Option Kit from Packline has been designed and developed in response to a customer’s specific requirements where the production area has recessed floor guides which enable a controlled and progressive movement of the production assembly requirements.

The recessed floor guides can often be of a width that can cause the wheels of the Roll Lifting Machine to snag in the groove and the solution is both simple and extremely effective.

A triple wheel assembly is fitted to each corner of the machines frame which replaces the standard single wheel version. The three wheels are spaced so that at any one time at least two wheels are always able to bridge the recessed floor guides and eliminate any chance of snagging and ensuring that the Lifting Machine is safe, stable and easy to control.

The Triple Wheel Option Kit is a ‘bolt-on’ addition to the Packline ‘Compac’ Roll Lifting Machine and can be easily removed or re-fitted, as required.

Primary benefits include:

  • Bridges any gaps which are made by recessed floor guides.
  • Superb stability.
  • Precision manoeuvrability and control.
  • Suitable for high risk and hygienic applications.
  • Possibility of retro-fitting to an existing machine, subject to survey.

For more information on the Triple Wheel Kit for ‘Compac’ Reel Lifters, contact Packline Materials Handling.