The cradle attachment has been designed for the lifting and loading of rolls of film or foil. The attachment securely supports the roll’s mandrel or shaft at each end which enables precise loading of the roll into the machine from above.

The mandrel or shaft supporting hooks can be rotated and cleared from the roll once it is in position, this is controlled by using the handwheel. The hooks can be adjusted to accommodate various roll widths. The length of the supporting hooks can be designed to suit the application and to avoid obstacles such as guarding.

The attachment is not designed for rotation whilst loaded. Any roll rotation of the hooks only takes place once the roll is in position and supported in its location blocks.

Together these features enable the operator to lift and position rolls with complete confidence and safety. Used in conjunction with a dual column ‘Compac’ lifting machine, this attachment can safely unload rolls into the side of a production machine at height and with great stability.

This lifting solution is suitable for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and other hygienic applications. This roll handling solution has a lifting capacity of up to 100kg depending upon the model. The attachment is backed up by a full bespoke design service so ensuring that the right solution can be made to suit most applications.