With the specially developed ‘Logi-Tilt’ from Packline Materials Handling, it is possible to lift and tilt hospital beds ergonomically and safely. Tilting the hospital beds enables easy access to the underside of the beds including the frame and electric motor. This is ideal for maintenance or cleaning. Also, the wheels of the bed can easily be exchanged and maintained.

The ‘Logi-Tilt’ has adjustable forks for different types and sizes of hospital beds. Special clamping devices are developed to fix the hospital beds during lifting and tilting. The ‘Logi-Tilt’ is compact and very maneuverable, and can thus easily be used in an elevator and other confined spaces.

Clamping devices are available with the ‘Logi-Tilt’ so that the beds can be fixed to the ‘Logi-Tilt’ when lifting and tilting. The clamping devices are specially designed to fit the specific hospital bed to be handled.


  • Maintenance-free batteries (charging on location)
  • Remote control
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating life
  • Small footprint ensures an optimum space utilisation
  • Assisted wheel steering ensures high maneuverability
  • For more information on the safe lifting and tilting of hospital beds please contact Packline Materials Handling.