The adjustable stainless steel cradle attachment for handling rolls of paper, foil and film has been designed and produced to meet with a customer’s requirement of lifting, transporting and loading different sizes of rolls of paper and film to a range of different packaging machines. Constructed from stainless steel, this lifter is suitable for clean room environments such as those found in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The unique design supports the rolls by using a lifting shaft which is positioned through the central core of the roll. The shaft is retained at each end by a pair of securing latches. This ensures a safe and efficient solution which provides simple and controlled operation.

The lifting shaft is of a set length which enables the handling of many roll widths. The clamp attachment can be quickly and easily adjusted by a handwheel to suit the specific roll which is being handled at any one time. This lifting equipment raises and lowers the attachment by a battery powered mechanism and this is operated by simple up and down buttons which are located ergonomically on the machines handle bars.

The design offers strength and durability with ease of operating and is suitable for the food industry and other hygienic applications as the solution is manufactured in stainless steel.

Technical Specification:

  • Attachment Lift Capacity: 150kg / 330.69lbs.
  • Centre of Gravity: 747mm / 29.41 inches (from column).
  • Attachment Mass: 58kg / 127.87lbs.
  • Main Materials: Stainless Steel & Anodised Aluminium. Lifting Shaft Diameter: 25mm / 0.98 inches.
  • Minimum Lifting Shaft Length: 590mm / 23.23 inches.
  • Maximum Lifting Shaft Length: 1122mm / 44.17 inches.

The stainless steel roll lifter handles rolls of paper, film and foil for a range of packaging machines, and is suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.

For more information on the Stainless Steel Clamp Cradle Attachment For Handling Rolls please contact Packline Materials Handling.