The Quattrolifts ‘Nomad’ glass lifting and transporting equipment, from Packline, is designed to assist glaziers to unload, transport and install glass safely.

The Quattrolifts ‘Nomad’ Glass Lifter can rotate glass measuring up to 4400mm / 180”. This glass lifting, rotating and transporting equipment has adjustments to allow for side and top pocket glazing.


  • Prevents breakages and damage to glass in transport and installation.
  • Protects the operator whilst carrying glass.
  • Lifts and rotates long sheets of glass.
  • Loads and unloads glass onto and off an A-frame truck.
  • Transports and installs glass into most frames.
  • Lifts glass weighing up to 400kg (880lbs) (4500mm wide x 3600mm high / 177.17 x 141.73 inches).
  • Requires only 2 people to transport and install glass safely.
  • Can be easily assembled and transported via a mid-size van or A-frame truck.
  • Transports glass over uneven ground.
  • Rotates glass from horizontal to vertical.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces health and safety risks.
  • Suitable for use on construction sites.

For more information on the Quattrolifts ‘Nomad’ Glass Lifting Equipment, or the full range of glass handling equipment, please contact Packline Materials Handling.