The stainless steel heavy duty stacker truck, from Packline, is fitted with a cradle attachment specifically designed to lift standard Euro-Bins. These bins often need lifting to height allowing for the contents to be more easily emptied; as well as enabling the bins to be stacked or stored at height.

Euro-Bins are used widely in the food processing industry to store and transport ingredients or products. This stainless-steel lifter is an ideal solution for this application.

The stainless stacker truck has electric lift and manual propulsion. This lifter is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring suitability for clean room environments and food industries. Mild steel painted trucks are also available. This stainless stacker can lift to 3 metres. The lifter can handle up to a load weight of 1000kg.

For more information on the stainless steel lifter for handling Euro-Bins, please contact Packline Materials Handling.